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Your First visit 

A child's first dental visit is an important one. We recommend that your child's first visit takes place by the child’s 1st birthday, and this is supported by The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). This visit provides time-critical opportunities to begin a preventative oral health program and to help reduce the risk of your child getting cavities. This visit allows us to help educate you as the parent and provide nutritional counseling and create a preventative oral plan. In addition, the first visit is to build a trusting relationship with your child while laying the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy gums and teeth. It is important to establish a dental home for your child, so that if an emergency arises, the child will be treated in a familiar place with all the needed medical forms on record.

At the first appointment, Dr. Bennett and her staff will focus on getting to know your child and gathering a detailed medical history.

You can also expect the following:
-A tour of the office with a member of our staff
-Familiarization with the dental equipment used
-A comprehensive examination
-Age-appropriate dental cleaning
-X-Rays (We like to call them pictures) if needed
-Fluoride application, as needed
-Detailed treatment plan, as needed
-Preventative oral hygiene plan
-Brushing/flossing techniques, toothbrush selection
-Diet, habits, and any need for fluoride supplementation

Any findings will be discussed and recommended procedures will be thoroughly explained. At this point, we will answer any questions you may have. As a parent, you can help make your child’s first visit to the dentist positive and enjoyable.

Be sure to inform your child of the visit and its purpose, but take care in how you present it. You may want to show your child photos of Dr. Bennett and other happy children on our website. Please avoid using words that cause fear such as “needle”, “shot”, “pinch”, or “drill”, as they suggest an unpleasant experience. Most importantly, please do not tell your child that the dentist will “hurt”. Since it may never have even occurred to them, but simply hearing the word could develop a new fear that didn’t initially exist. Keep in mind that pediatric dentists are specially trained to handle fears and anxiety, conveying the information in a non-threatening way, while our entire staff is experienced at putting children at ease and will always do their best to keep your child calm and comfortable.

Parents are encouraged to accompany their child during the initial exam. This gives the parent the opportunity to become familiar with the practice and the Doctor's style. It also lets the child have a familiar hand to hold during their first visit. This gives us the opportunity to communicate directly with you about your child’s dental health. If subsequent visits are necessary, we will always welcome one parent back in the room during treatment, however, we kindly ask that you assume the role of a silent observer. This allows us to focus 100% of our attention on your child and vice versa, creating the ideal environment for us to begin building a secure and comfortable relationship. Keep in mind that studies have shown children 3 years of age and older tend to do better when they are left to experience their visit independently and in the care of a specialized pediatric dental staff.

We strive to make each child's first visit a good and memorable one, so that they can develop a life long interest in maintaining their oral health.

We look forward to serving you and supporting the long-term dental health of your child.

We Love Kids !

"And we look forward to the opportunity to treat your child and address their dental needs. A child’s first dental visit is an important one and we strive to make every child comfortable and relaxed."

Dr. Jane Bennett D.D.S.
Dr. Jane Bennett D.D.S.

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